Taerar downed, twice!

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Taerar downed, twice!

Post by Nopher » 16 Oct 2005, 16:55

Finally! Two days after the patch has gone live, the dragons spawned.
It went kind of smooth, had trouble getting people online, as always. Luckily, however, we could join forces with The Black Order and take down Taerar. We did this twice actually: after we killed him the first time he spawned in Ashenvale again. Props to the raiders! While we were busy there, unfortunately (hehe!) alliance killed the two other spawns, in Hinterlands and Feralas! However, bad is always followed by good and vice versa - When the patch came, our BWL got bugged and Nefarius has refused to spawn. So here we are, waiting for next reset and more epiks.

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Post by Dino » 16 Oct 2005, 22:49

grats! and awesome avatar :D:D:D:D

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Post by Kagetaze » 17 Oct 2005, 00:31

Big papa tree!

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