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Post by Triumphant » 08 Jan 2006, 16:33

Today at 16:00 Eranikus was defeated on Skullcrusher, lead by Banai - cough cough, OK there were a few Nighthaven Defenders, Priestesses of the Moon, Keeper Remulos, Tyrande etc. Moonglade was filled with tons of Horde and Alliance members. The greatest force into this was put together by the guilds Last Resort, Bad Company and Fusion. This Epic Battle required several victims, but with our forces joined together, we could defeat this beast in agony. Eranikus finally found his peace, he is well redeemed by Elune.

<img src="">

We are now deeper into our quest, to open the gates of Ahn'Quiraj and unfolding more dark secrets. The nightmares are over for the moment, but Vaelastrasz awaits for us ... and the bugs of course.
setl dei nunbrig omes gisp
tels ide ginrnub semo psig
lest ied nubring meos gsip
stel eid gninrub emos sgip

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Post by Crustypete » 08 Jan 2006, 21:20

Trollercaust, going for 6million honourable kills.

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