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Post by Banai » 28 Dec 2005, 20:11

Sooo.. Since blizzard sucks, I guess it'll take another week or two until we get the 1.9 patch. This is incredibly boring, specially since it doesn't take more then 2 raiding days to clear the current content. So what's there to do then? Nothing!
But wait, we got four lame outdoor bosses as well!Then again, they drop crap.. Enough whining, let's get to the point! We've made some re-arrangements within our ranks and are now looking for more players of the following classes:


We're not here to let you piggy-back-ride through MC and BWL, we expect you to have good gear and to know your class well. You'll be with us to kick ass in Ahn'Qiraj and any other future content, so make sure that you're eager to explore and get new purple itamz.

If you think you have what it takes, then continue reading here. Feel free to contact Banai, Beherit or Snuggles in-game for discussion.
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Post by Yhagoro » 29 Dec 2005, 11:06

No Mages?


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Post by rocx » 30 Dec 2005, 03:32

or Nomes? ;<

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Post by Triumphant » 30 Dec 2005, 07:57

The HIV lol
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Post by Crustypete » 03 Jan 2006, 02:31

lololol your all about as cool as contracting aids at a gay orgy
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