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Read before applying

by Tyralon » 09 Jan 2012, 17:14

If you're going to apply, below are a few things and points you should read up on. Applying to us means agreeing and adhering to our policies - If at any time a breach in those policies are made, particularly during Trialist Membership; immediate cancellation of that Membership is our prerogative. Know in advance that if your application reeks of completely ignoring our policies; skimming this page instead of actually reading and comprehending it or write lazily and poorly, giving us the idea that you really can't be assed to make yourself look serious about joining us, it will get ignored.

** If given Trialist Membership, you are a Trialist of Last Resort for up to one month real-time, starting from the moment you are tagged. During this time, your attendance, your behaviour and how you conduct yourself in-game is carefully monitored. When you wear our guild-tag, your actions reflect on that guild-tag. We don't need or want anyone that'll walk around parading themselves when they're Trialists, and thus, only one small step above people outside of the guild. You have that time to prove to us that you're LR material, and it is entirely at our discretion to terminate that month for any breach or violation of our policies, trust or patience.

** During Trialist stage you are expected to meet a HIGH Raid Attendance mark. If you know beforehand that you can't make that reality, then don't waste our time by applying.

** If you're worthless, we'll tell you. There's a difference between making a mistake and just not giving it anywhere near your best. In short; raiding is a constant learning-process, and everyone will be happy to help you out as best they can, provided you WANT to learn and WANT to be the best you can be. If you're a downright twat about taking advice, or if you're just plain useless, expect to be treated as such.

** You have to enjoy your class, and be long-sighted when it comes to this game. As a raiding guild and we expect our people to become part of the guild spirit, and spend a long time with us from content to content. We don't want people who are not planning to stay with us for a long time, as we're not planning to gear up someone who will mainswitch afterwards, or get bored really fast.

** Ability to use Discord with a microphone.

* Have exceptional gear and experience. Having played in other high-end raiding guilds is a big plus.

* Relatively good social skills; you must be able to speak and understand English, and communicate when spoken to - and on the other hand, know when to stay quiet. As an Applicant, you should keep a low profile and at the same time show a zeal for raiding.

* Be quick with your reactions and fingers, be able to use all your class abilities and other utilities (such as personal cooldowns, potions, health stones, etc) to the maximum.

These are just the basic requirements and from experience, the most important characteristic is dedication towards the guild and PvE.

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