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Posted: 08 Jan 2012, 15:49
by Gemt
Presenting our first Yor'Sahj heroic kill!
Alternative streams:

Megaupload mirror
Video info:
Size: 765mb
Length: 11:26
Resolution: 1920x1080@30fps
Point of View:
[*]Gemt - Outdated Arms Warrior
[*]Sassafras - Survival Hunter

[*]Two Steps From Hell - The Truth Unravels II (Intro)
[*]Kavinsky - Nightcall
[*]Blackmill - Let It Be (feat. Veela)
[*]Skrut - Grapevine

Posted: 08 Jan 2012, 15:57
by Gemt
The interwebs does not seem to be working propperly today. Youtube upload not working, wcm giving warnings when you try to enter and several uploading pages slow/not working! So download/stream links will be added as soon as the interwebs is feeling better.

Posted: 08 Jan 2012, 18:20
by Sassafras
Nice music on this one, Gemt!

Posted: 09 Jan 2012, 11:28
by Marvak
fucking awesome music, gemt

Posted: 09 Jan 2012, 14:29
by Jamayk
Thumbs up!

I made a thumb for "Latest Media" on homepage: ... oic%29.png

Posted: 09 Jan 2012, 15:21
by Sassafras
Shouldn't we update the frontpage by now btw? (newstab)

Posted: 09 Jan 2012, 17:48
by Ruffles
Screenshots? Where are my pretty screenshots?

Posted: 09 Jan 2012, 18:05
by Dolfina
yes music is rly good!

Posted: 09 Jan 2012, 18:32
by Rakael
From shitty rock/metal to Rameses B, Veela.. I'm falling in love.

Posted: 19 Jan 2012, 03:37
by Rakael

Dis song for next kill vid ok. Love big time.

Posted: 19 Jan 2012, 15:18
by Ducktape
plz need dem metal songs ok!

Posted: 02 Feb 2012, 13:44
by Seraphex
Why would a bot pick West Bank as location?

Posted: 06 Mar 2012, 14:55
by Dolfina
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Posted: 06 Mar 2012, 19:15
by Nightgloom
Did you get hacked Dolf. Nice job

Posted: 09 Apr 2012, 09:46
by Dolfina