Purchase of Heroic Firelands weapon

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Purchase of Heroic Firelands weapon

Post by Slux » 13 Sep 2011, 09:50

Hello. I am wondering if you by any chance are selling a [Heroic: Firelands] 2h weapon useable for warriors? I was mainly looking for the hammer of sulfaras, but I see you havn't got the progress for that. Anyhow, let me know further! My in-game name is Slux.

I am a previous hardcore PvE player as rogue, obtained Immortal, Herald of the Titans, Champion of Ulduar, Tribute to insanity, yogg saron HM and so on. (All early game)
Now completely PvP oriented and obtained 4 seasons of gladiator.

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Post by Strigoy » 13 Sep 2011, 19:08

[Heroic: Firelands] 2h weapon
hammer of sulfaras
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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Post by Nopher » 13 Sep 2011, 19:20

Sorry but we don't sell any gear; gold has no value in this game.
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Post by Seraphex » 26 Sep 2011, 12:43

Man I totally get what you are saying :')

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