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ui gallery website

Post by dorwin » 01 May 2010, 17:36


It is hard to find a nice user interface without spending 3 hours copy/pasting one by one the links of official forums, hard to see how a special addon looks like and hard to discuss a particular interface on the 42th page of the forum !

I am here to present to you a new website created in order to facilitate all of this, it is possible to browse interfaces using several criteria: class, author, date, number of views, number of comments, addons ... and comment them.

The poster can tag his addons directly on the interface with a facebook-like system , link a thumbnail (small or medium) on forums or community websites. He can also answer and discuss about his interface through the comment area below each screenshot.
This site is operational and asks to be filled !
We need you to launch the site which could become a leading User Interface website gallery, it is up to you!

http://en.wow-ui.com awaits you, and counts on you to be launched !

Thank you !

The wow-ui team

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