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Oldies Update

Post by eebster » 09 Feb 2017, 17:35

Hey Old pals,

I felt nostalgic lately and decided to pop by in here and checkout if any of you old vanilla/tbc LR slackers are still alive and what are you up to nowadays. I tried to look for any of you through this real life so called social media :) but I know most of you from your first name and will be impossible, so which better place than our old forum.

I ended up studying in the US for some time but I am settled now back home working in construction with a german company. Unfortunately real life took over and I don't play games anymore :( so whoever feels like posting his full name to stay connected irl, feel free to do so either here or by a pm.

Lets see how many old replies we can get !


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Re: Oldies Update

Post by Banai » 17 Sep 2019, 16:31

pity reply, hello eebster!

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