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Garrosh Hellscream Heroic Down! 14/14 SoO Heroic! (update: M

Posted: 28 Nov 2013, 21:15
by Keynee
Garrosh is screaming in hell(jail)!
^ Click for kill shot ^
CY@ in WoD!

A wild garrosh kill movie appeard!!
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Posted: 28 Nov 2013, 21:42
by Tyralon
About time!

Gemt told me yesterday that Fang killed this easily.

Posted: 28 Nov 2013, 21:45
by Gemt
Yea now tyralon and me is considering to join them

Posted: 28 Nov 2013, 21:47
by Nopher
As if Tyralon would take the time to write an application

Posted: 28 Nov 2013, 22:07
by Tyralon
It's insulting that I would need to write an application!

And we all know this guild is better of without my jolly mood.

Posted: 28 Nov 2013, 22:41
by Ayarea
Grats guys and girls.

Posted: 29 Nov 2013, 01:13
by Fjeenzy

Posted: 29 Nov 2013, 07:10
by Banai
You sure are one jolly fellow Tyralon, like me

Posted: 11 Dec 2013, 15:17
by Sassafras