Fall of the Lich King - And Last Resort! ( cy@@@@@@@@@)

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Post by Naturen » 12 Feb 2010, 01:27

Atleast LR will be rememberd for its amazing mages for a long time!

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Post by Marfy » 12 Feb 2010, 01:28

Banai wrote:ffffffffffffuck pollywouf
A hero ahead of his time.

Some more classics from the old google account:

http://video.google.nl/videoplay?docid= ... 453903507#

http://video.google.nl/videoplay?docid= ... 079142372#
Germany is ASS

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Post by Banai » 12 Feb 2010, 01:31

good times
:swe: :swe: :swe: :swe: :swe: :swe: :swe: :swe: :swe: :swe: :swe: :swe: :swe: :swe: :swe:

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Post by svartie » 12 Feb 2010, 01:37

Been a priviledge playing with you guys for this short time. :D

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Post by Triumphant » 12 Feb 2010, 01:50

setl dei nunbrig omes gisp
tels ide ginrnub semo psig
lest ied nubring meos gsip
stel eid gninrub emos sgip

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Post by Ambro » 12 Feb 2010, 01:53

forte + last resort, the big two

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Post by Jonny » 12 Feb 2010, 01:59

aids upon bob

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Post by Fester » 12 Feb 2010, 02:22

Wow that's sad. I've been lurking this forum daily, only to remind myself that playing this game can actually be fun if you do it with cool people.

I had the best time ever in this guild and even though i left like 2 years ago i still feel sad you guys are disbanding.

World first TF!


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Post by Cuttroat » 12 Feb 2010, 02:27

Fun while it lasted guys!

The 10 man Lich King kill on the last try must've been one of the best fights i ever was in.

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Post by Seraphex » 12 Feb 2010, 02:30

LF 10M guild 5.6k gs

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Post by Jagul » 12 Feb 2010, 02:49

Wow, shit. Grats. Just as I was beginning to think you'd drone on forever (why on earth would you do that...?). So, what's next then?

One from the vault:


Here's more for those interested, mostly LR related with a few oddities you can ignore:



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Post by Ogarr » 12 Feb 2010, 03:45

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Post by Shaaira » 12 Feb 2010, 04:27


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Post by Slug » 12 Feb 2010, 07:53

Thanks for being part of the wow community for so long and bless it with your humor. Keep it real!

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Post by Jiippii » 12 Feb 2010, 08:31

Take care, best of luck.

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Post by wha » 12 Feb 2010, 08:43

Best of Luck too you all

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Post by Kerp » 12 Feb 2010, 08:48

Ahhhhh Fester long time no see! :)

Marfy, you must reupload this one:

Jagul ,haha best crusty moment!

Ok, time for images(my computer sucked at lv60, live with it)!

First time stuff

Image Image Image Image Image
Image Image Image Image Image

Pics from the AQ gates events.

Image Image

First time at Nefarion and first time spawning Nefarion.

Image Image Image Image Image
First C'thun, Ouro and Twin Emps kills.

Random stuff

Screenshot contest for TCB Beta keys.

Legendary calculations by Banai.

Probably the ugliest character ever (tied with Crusypete).

Beto slays Huhuran all alone and saves the day.

A common sight in lrmages. No heal man!

Ouch. Jonny the traitor getting own by the worst pvp mage (me).

Some random swedish WoW-magazine that ninja'd a picture of my UI in an article.

Image Image
Swedish stuff.

Image Image
Our hunters couldn't do a proper pet pull at Flamegor so this is how it had to be done.

Long live the oldschool lv60 days where +int was the shit.

She had a pretty hot daughter in my age actually.

Banai, full of love as always.

Image Image

Nopher tries to contribute with songs to the movies.

First minutes at our new server Kazzak.

Image Image
First edition of Team Kodo!

Pictures from Tyralon

Legendary Bob.

The =) guy.

Would be nice if anyone had a screen of the classic "Didnt see the GIANTS"
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Post by Keeponrage » 12 Feb 2010, 08:57

Surely, I will have more time for my science and engineering now, but, meh, I was so willingly spending it with you guys these past 3 years. When I came back to game a year ago I did so mostly because of people and atmospere in Last Resort. I was quite shocked yesterday by these news, so I lacked a will to write something farewelling, so I just want to say how I love you all (even jerkshaaira!). Would be awesome if we'd meet again - maybe some of you will stay for casual or more or less dedicated raiding, or perhaps, anyone will be trying new games like Diablo3 when it comes.

...and again, like that time when I was leaving for irl in the very end of TBC, i can hardly get a grip on myself and hold all the emoness that's coming through - I feel that i'm losing something important. And, hells, no, its not this stupid game that will be missed - it's you guys with all the nigger jokes and all other funtimes we had together.

And while I wish it would never happened I understand that we had to stop at some point. Will miss you all! Take care and drop in the game to smooth this effect of withdrawal of you guys.

Cya palmates!

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Post by Revo » 12 Feb 2010, 09:29

naturen wrote:Atleast LR will be rememberd for its amazing mages for a long time!
Kerp's interface... ?

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Post by Revo » 12 Feb 2010, 09:49

Banai wrote:Yeah our days will be sad now that we dont have to deal with 10 people asking about their fucking application status every other hour!
stop trolling ur not going to quit... u don't have the permission to quit, damn I love u nigger :<

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