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by Nopher
04 Nov 2005, 17:25
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Topic: MC weapons redone?
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Who cares about hunter weapons, just take a look here!
by Nopher
25 Oct 2005, 18:25
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Topic: Nicely done site!
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Thank you, I'm glad to hear you like our site. The raidbar turned out great after some work and it's fully automatic nowadays. It fetches a set number of raids from our dkp site and uses the dkp site cache on items which in turn grabs item info from Allakhazam. I fixed the links on the bar like you ...
by Nopher
16 Oct 2005, 16:55
Forum: News
Topic: Taerar downed, twice!
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Taerar downed, twice!

Finally! Two days after the patch has gone live, the dragons spawned. It went kind of smooth, had trouble getting people online, as always. Luckily, however, we could join forces with The Black Order and take down Taerar. We did this twice actually: after we killed him the first time he spawned in A...
by Nopher
23 Sep 2005, 03:12
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Topic: Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Fire
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Ratama.. um.. not to be mean or anything. Working image links is really what we call.. "win". Use [ instead of < Also, you should fear me. Since I am a gnome.[/img] As some people posting news (Im not going to name anyone) isnt able to give the images the right size, and bbcode doesnt allow you to ...
by Nopher
23 Sep 2005, 00:30
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Topic: The new homepage
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The new homepage

Please share your opinion!
Everyone voting below "OK" will be hunted down and shot. You've been warned.
by Nopher
02 Aug 2005, 08:07
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Topic: Greetings from the alliance
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