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by Marcelo J
22 Dec 2011, 07:56
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Topic: Looking for an apartment.
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Looking for an apartment.

Hello Guys,
I urgently need an apartment which must be fully furnished and based or two bedrooms with attached baths and a TV lobby.If you know any available apartments or can give me the info of expert real estate agents then it will be very grateful to you..!!
by Marcelo J
22 Dec 2011, 07:55
Forum: Movies
Topic: Intro
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Yeah totally agree with you that it is the best part ever..!!
by Marcelo J
22 Dec 2011, 07:52
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Topic: To cry or re-apply?
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I suggest you to re-apply and don't cry buddy/
I hope this time you'll get the approval..!!
by Marcelo J
22 Dec 2011, 07:51
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Topic: Returning to WoW
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Otto wrote:I really love you Marvak :D
Are you serious about that??? :D