Recruitment is closed!

We're grateful for all the applications we've received, and we have received tons of them as well, but we can only pick the most appealing ones, and so have we done.

Please keep in mind that we don't reply to applications unless you're accepted, so don't contact us, we'll contact you.

Gothik the Harvester down!

So today we took down the harvester of souls himself. We came to his place and he gave us a speech about facing a lonely path and whatnot. The raid got a bit zerged here and there for couple of days before, until everyone pulled their shit together.

Enough bitching from the live side to the dead side and vice versa maybe worked? (The dead side was still better, FYI!) Almost everyone alive when he came down, and oh boy he went down really fast.

Loots: Boots of Displacement (or should I say Loots of Displacement, ZZzZZzZ, grats Nerv I guess :p) and Warrior/Rogue T3.


Anyway quite a cool fight. Next it's time for Loatheb! It's been an excellent raiding week, 3 new bosses down, HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Thaddius down!

Heigan the Unclean down!

So, new reset on a new server after the maintenance. We decided first time to go do Heigan for real, just for kicks. Now what the hell, this is what we should've done a month ago instead of banging our heads on Thaddius in our beloved but laggy Skuaellcrusher.

First night of attempting was so and so, but we got the hang of it, and the second night we came in and nailed him.

I would like to congratulate Torii and Inferno (QQ name changes) for finally buying some healing gear! ;)


So far we're happy with the new server, it works and the quality of people is good.

We've also received new trialists, from other servers. Things are starting to roll again after a month of slumbering.


We will transfer to a new realm called Kazzak! New applications will be accepted and even desired. This includes cross-realm applications as well. Some people stayed on Skullcrusher so we are in dire need of new blood. Read the previous news post for recruitment info!

This is a big change for our guild, as now we will finally manage to escape the horrible lag spikes and bad availability of new recruits. Less chinese, less randoms, more raiding guilds thanks!

So, in short, goodbye Skullcrusher! And WTB new applications!

Recruitment is open again!

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