Kel'Thuzad dead - Naxxramas cleared!

That's right, the lich in Naxxramas is down, and we've come to this point where the current endgame is "over".

As a guild we had two months of downtime - aka farming Naxxramas - because of lack of tanks. Suddenly we got recruits and had enough people for the Four Horsemen and finally got them down. After killing the horses a few times, Sapphiron went down and after our second Sapphiron kill so did Kel'Thuzad as well. I can say, today gave a very satisfying feeling to many of us!

WoW is once again "beaten", and we've still managed to stay as a very small numbered guild.

Nopher and Kerp both got their pieces for Atiesh from Kel'Thuzad, massive grats to them!

Kel'Thuzad loot: 2 x [item]Ring of the Cryptstalker[/item] to Sarene and Kolmio, [item]The Hungering Cold[/item] to Lillamy, [item]Soulseeker[/item] to Minel and [item]The Phylactery of Kel'Thuzad[/item] to Dyre.

Here's the pic:


What's next for us? Farming Naxxramas for more epics and waiting for the expansion. Some of us get to experience new content right away, some of us will have to level from the scratch again. I'm guessing there will be no major news until then, but we'll keep the site updated hopefully!

Edit! Last Resort vs Kel'Thuzad - By Kerp
[*]Filefront (Good quality)
[*]Google Video (Soon)

Sapphiron down

Aye aye, the Frost Wyrm is dead. After the unexpected (lol) comeback of Banai, massive burning of guildbank, and a few days of attempts it went down nice and smooth like no tomorrow. Extremely epic and beautiful fight, I might add, all blue and gleaming!

Big thanks Sons of Temujin for borrowing us some of the last [item]Frozen Rune[/item]s so we could pump our healers up with even more resistance.

Congratulations to Mindscrew for the offhand, Banai for the shield and shoulder enchant, Jagul for the shoulder enchant.


More news later!

Edit! Last Resort vs Sapphiron - By Axxon
[*]Google Video

The Four Horsemen down

... finally!

We were blessed with a week or so of proper practising after such a long period of inactivity and farming. I might just as well say it, we've had basically very low amount of warriors for the last what, two months? We've had to do Patchwerk with 4 warriors, no thunderfury no thunderclap online, and so on. A few recruitments here, a few "alts" ;) there and we were set to go for this.

Yesterday we got the two first ponies down, and today it was just meant to happen; burning Guild Bank for flasks, making sure everyone's online, having a few attempts, then suddenly a kill! For me, the actual moment of thrill was when we get people alive after the first two, then it's just sitting and waiting, quite relaxed. Nothing compared to a Patchwerk or a Loatheb kill where you just shake and hope during the last 10% nothing is going to fail. Regardless of that, such a bliss after this kill!

All this being said, we're back on track. Looking forward to Sapphiron and Kel'thuzad now before the expansion. We lost the race, due to odd circumstances, yes. But at least we did this for ourselves, and I'm sure everyone is extremely happy about this. ;) More news soon!

And here's the picture:

Loot: [item]Soulstring[/item], [item]Desecrated Breastplate[/item] and [item]Desecrated Robe[/item]

Last Resort vs The Four Horsemen - By Kerp
[*]Google Video

Recruitment open for ALL classes (including CROSS-REALM)

We are now recruiting: druids, hunters, mages are our priority, but we will accept good applications from all the classes.

The character transfer to Kazzak is currently open. This means we are accepting cross realm applications as well.

We require you to:[*]Have Naxx experience.[*]Be very well geared (t3 a big plus). [*]Be able to communicate fluently in English.[*]Have a stable connection.[*]Be able to keep a very good raid attendance (80%ish at least). [*]Be able to understand and execute challenging encounters.
If you're up for the task feel free to contact Beherit, Nopher or Marfy in-game.

Click here to find more information about joining us, including the application template.

Email your application to:

Recruiting a priest!

Priest recruitment is now open. You're good geared, extremely active and have raiding experience in Naxxramas. If you're interested and think that you have what it takes, contact Tyralon ingame or send an application to

Edit: recruitment closed.

Loatheb DOWN!!

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