Nefarian movie!

Here's a video of our 2nd Nefarian kill made by Cepheus, enjoy!

Nefarian Mirror

We're also opening recruitment for warlocks, we're looking for 1-2 more to complete our ranks.

Nefarian down

After spending endless amount of hours in Blackwing Lair, we finally managed to kill Nefarian! All it took was a couple of good attempts in phase 2 and 40 dedicated people willing to stay up to 2am in the morning last Friday. Looking back on all the time we've spent working on this encounter it's sad to come to the conclusion that its not the encounter itself that's the hardest part but the environment in which we play in. I'm confident in that we would have killed him weeks ago without all the technical difficulties we've encountered.

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Feeling damn proud about all the hard work and dedication shown by our members we've decided to not accept any more applications for now and to start focusing on upcoming content. We hope that 1.9 brings us another fun challenge and that all stability issues are solved by then.

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Taerar downed, twice!

Finally! Two days after the patch has gone live, the dragons spawned.
It went kind of smooth, had trouble getting people online, as always. Luckily, however, we could join forces with The Black Order and take down Taerar. We did this twice actually: after we killed him the first time he spawned in Ashenvale again. Props to the raiders! While we were busy there, unfortunately (hehe!) alliance killed the two other spawns, in Hinterlands and Feralas! However, bad is always followed by good and vice versa - When the patch came, our BWL got bugged and Nefarius has refused to spawn. So here we are, waiting for next reset and more epiks.

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We're looking for some new dedicated players to join our ranks, if you're interested please take a look <a href="">here</a>.

Site is up.. At last!

As a celebration to the site going live we've decided to release two new movies!

Vaelestrasz - Mirror 1
Vaelastrasz - Mirror 2
Vaelestrasz - Mirror 3

Onyxia - Mirror 1
Onyxia - Mirror 2
Onyxia - Mirror 3

Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Fire

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