Bandages, OH NOES!

Topic says it all! Bandage week coming up, Mageweave and Wool bandages to be exact! Each of these will award two tickets AND there'll be a big raffle once they are done, similar to the one held Sunday night. So starting today (Monday) until Sunday the 29th we will keep track of the bandages being sent in. If they by any chance would finish before Sunday, the raffle will be held when they're done. Whoever sends most, in either of the two categories, will win a well deserved prize.

Now, go farm <3

Final push in the Ahn'Qiraj Sweepstakes!

This is most likely going to be our last weekend with "The War Effort" active on Horde side. In an attempt to make one big final push, as in , gathering as much as we possibly can, we are making this weekend very special.

Special prize for whoever farms most of: Purple Lotus.
Special prize for whoever farms most of: Firebloom.
Special prize for whoever farms most of: Tin Bars.
Special prizes for the person(s):With most tickets in total. Everything that is valid for a ticket in the lottery counts. Purple Lotus and Firebloom now gives 3 tickets each and yes, one stack of either of them rewards tickets and counts towards both special prices.

The weekend push starts on Friday and ends at Sunday midnight with the announcement of winners and a bonus drawing. Happy farming!

Herbalism day, oh the JOY!

On thursday, january 19th it's herb day in the sweepstakes! Peacebloom, Purple Lotus and Firebloom will all be 2 tickets each. Whoever collects the most herbs, will be awarded a prize, along with the 2nd and 3rd!


Special herbalism day prize: A night with Snuggles (Hint Hint Tilty)

Mithril Bars, Spotted Yellowtails, Baked Salmons, Rugged Leather AND Lean Wolf Steaks are COMPLETE, we will return any mail sent to us that includes these reagents.

Updates to the Ahn'Qiraj Sweepstakes!

Tuesday, January 17th we'll have a so called "Wool Marathon". The person(s) that collect the most Wool Bandage stacks will be awarded special prizes.
Let's hope we can get those gates open asap, Skullcrusher!

Mithril Bars, Spotted Yellowtails, Baked Salmons AND Rugged Leather are COMPLETE, we will return any mail sent to us that includes these reagents.

Scepter of Shifting Sands

Since our dear server was down all yesterday, we couldn't do the final part of the scepter until this morning! So, at 12:00 we went into Blackwing Lair and completed the red part of sceptre.


Good work everyone! Now it's just the "easy" part left .. Keep up the good work, Skullcrusher, and let's open those gates!

Update to the Ahn'Qiraj Sweepstakes: On Saturday the 14th of January we're having a peacebloom marathon, and at the end of that day - Whoever has sent in the most Peacebloom will recieve a well worth prize.

Updates to the Ahn'Qiraj Sweepstakes!

Horde side is behind on a few resources although we've been progressing a lot! There's still a long way to go and therefor each stack of Peaceblooms, Wool Bandages and Mageweave Bandages now rewards 2 tickets for a limited amount of time!

To try and motivate even more people we've also decided to add more prizes; 1 extra golden ticket (1000 gold) and we will also be holding bonus drawings in Orgrimmar around 24:00 every night.

We would also like to thank the guild Forsaken for their donations to our prize pot!

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