Who called the Ghostbusters? Aka VISCIDUS down!

Frapsed one of our kills post-hotfix, so this is the final and hopefully correctly tuned version of Viscidus:


The viscous blob of ectoplasmic horrors has been liquidated by us!
This is definitely one of the coolest fights in World of Warcraft, at least from a Shaman's point of view, 1 totem becomes useful, outshining any other skill there is - and I get to yell FROSTSHOCK as well!
Loot then again, well, the bindings of course, but more nature resist gear? Hmm..


Nevertheless, good job guildies for bringing the primeval mucus down.

***EDIT: We just killed Viscidus today again after the patch, and boy oh boy, Blizzard managed to fuck up really bad. This encounter is now nerfed unto oblivion. The only encounter in game where it actually makes a difference to be a Shaman, is now piss easy walk in the park. Grats Alliance then, I guess!

AHOY! Since they gimped him in 1.10 and we have frapsed versions of both our kills (1.9 and 1.10) we figured we'd release them, so others can see the difference aswell.

Mirror Viscidus 1.10.0 [10 Mbit BBB]

***UPDATE: Looks like they changed him again, killed him today (Saturday) and we're not sure if he was alot harder or slightly easier.. The fight felt ALOT harder then the previous versions. Check out our fraps of the kill by Anarky.

Recruitment OPEN!

Last Resort is recruiting once more! We have various spots available for nearly all classes so this is your chance to join us and enjoy hardcore raiding at its best. There are no strat guides. You will die, a lot, and it will be expensive and frustrating. Do not apply expecting that epics will rain from the sky; they will come slowly, but you'll know that you have worked hard for them. If you find it boring to wipe over and over while learning new encounters, you're not fit for this. Don't waste our time.

Druids: OPEN - Room for 2-3
Hunters: OPEN - Room for 1-2
Priests: OPEN - Room for 1-2
Rogues: CLOSED
Shamans: OPEN - Room for 1-2
Warlocks: OPEN - Room for 1-2
Warriors: OPEN - Room for 1-2

Applicants should have their Nature Resistance to ATLEAST 100 unbuffed. Melee classes & Hunters have to be able to bring it up even higher.
Think you have what it takes? Email your application and/or any questions to lrguild@gmail.com

Here's a movie of our latest Twin Emperors kill, enjoy!

Mirror [Filefront]
Mirror [www.lrguild.org]
Mirror [10mbit BBB]

Eye for an Eye (harr harr)

We are progressing in Ahn'Qiraj!
Finally we had enough people online and a good raid setup, so we gazed into the eye, with even darker glare than that of C'thun; we won the staring contest. That's not necessarily a happy thing, as bigger tentacles spawned and our enemy turned into a really huge and ugly entity, which ate our good people. I'm guessing, some people have finally had their hentai fantasies come true with this encounter.

We're running low on some herbs, please send them CoD to Banai. We need all the help we can get.
[item]Gromsblood[/item] - 14g/stack
[item]Dreamfoil[/item] - 14g/stack

We're Back!


PRAISE ALLAH! The war effort is done at last. Great job Skullcrusher, we finally did it! Big thanks to everyone who contributed and worked there asses off, you know who you are!


The final raffle of the Horde Sweepstake will take place today at 18:00 in Orgrimmar. This is where the Molten Core run and the golden prizes will be announced.

Finishing the War Effort

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