Patchwerk down!

The big fat dumb piece of gore, entrails, and limbs is down. :) Such a nice little gimmick this fight featured, but hey, what could stop us on our way to loot? This might be another "Viscidus first 1.0 kill", time will tell!


Grats Banai on a frost resistance shield and Kolmio for Tier 3 quest item.

More info will follow when we progress further.




Either way, Maexxna is DOWN! Two kills the same night, first Grand Widow, then this bitch! Grats Terrathud (AGAIN!!!) and Anarky for Tier3 pieces, and Kerp for Wraith Blade!

Good job guildies, great fucking job!

We dedicate this kill to the Stone of Win.


Grand Widow Faerlina down!!

Such a great day, we entered Naxxramas, cleared some of the trash, and killed Faerlina on 2nd attempt. The loot was awesome too! Grats SNUGGLYBOYO for the first piece of Legendary Staff, Banai for new tanking Sword and EQ2 boss for Tier 3 quest piece.


Recruiting - PRIESTS

Just a minor recruiting post. Currently we're looking for Priests.

What we want from YOU, the Priest, is:
Exceptional gear
Exceptional experience
Exceptional skills

Contact Beherit in game if you're interested.

It was time to question the teachings of Razuvious

... and congratulate Wizt and Phil for good coordinating.

Instructor Razuvious is down!

Thumbs up for our members for wiping 2 extra hours overtime last night, it was a pain to see priests fail yesterday (no offense guys, I still love you hard) but today we totally nailed it. The killing attempt wasn't perfect, but it surely was thrilling and exciting. Grats Hornen for rogue quest piece and Jagul for BEARTANK GEAR.


Once again, onwards we march and more information will follow once we get more progress.

The encounter is completely retarded.. Fun "out of the box" thinking with the MC and all, but really, do a better job next time because it's not FUN to wipe 10000 times because of RANDOM things, such as MC breaking early or resists.

1.11 - Naxxramas!

A bit long time since we've posted anything worth mentioning here, but we've received some good applications, farmed more or less alot for 1.11, playing DotA, etc. Just general relaxing.

But... finally something new!

First day of 1.11, our guild managed to enter Naxxramas in a 40 man raid, despite some people (Koetjeboe) not having mats in the start for the Attunement.
It also didn't really help that the server started working very late, as usual, with lags and problems.

In the end, however, we got our asses up for some Crypt Lord hunting, and after a few attempts Anub'Rekhan went down quite smoothly. Praise some of our super awesome Mages and Priests for utilizing [item]Light Feather[/item].

Grats Terrathud on a healing ring, and Banai for a Tier3 armor set quest item!

Personally I would just like to say that so far this zone KICKS ASS and I'm loving it, and I'm quite sure many other people agree with me. The long wait has surely been rewarded!


More news will follow, when we journey deeper into the Death Citadel.

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